Tiger Aviation Wireless Transceiver

The Tiger Wireless Transceiver provides the flexibility and freedom to connect up to 40 Tiger wireless headsets or helmets with only one long range aviation transceiver. The optional plug-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack enables complete portability for a wide variety of applications.

One wireless transceiver may communicate with up to 40 wireless helmets, headsets or belt stations.

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Plug-in 10000mah Li-Ion Battery Pack
[Add $299.00]

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  • Pairs with up to 40 headsets
  • IP65 rated
  • Rugged powder coated aluminum water sealed enclosure
  • 1000' (305m) line of sight range
  • Remote panel mounted radio PTT capable
  • Mounting - flush panel mount with bezel or hinge bracket mounted
  • Lett and right audio RCA jacks - Stereo for (1) or more radios including multi radio switching
  • On-board VHF radio interface cable
  • 12-24 volt power cable
  • Optional 10,000 mah Li-Ion rechargeable plug-in battery pack with 110-240 volt wall smart rapid charger
  • Wireless Intercom/Bluetooth mini toggle switch with switch protector