MSA Gallet LH350T Model - DOI/USFS Certified
MSA Gallet Flight Helmets - DOI/USFS Certified

The MSA Gallet LH350T Flight Helmet comes with Dual Visors and an NVG Anvis Mount Visor Cover.

Tiger Performance offers Department of the Interior/United States Forest Service (DOI/USFS) Certified Helicopter Helmets and Helmet Communication Systems that are especially designed and developed for the aviation pilot. Available for all helicopter, fixed wing, agricultural & warbird applications. Communications include Tiger Passive & Active Noise Reduction (PNR/ANR) with or without Bluetooth, Lightspeed Zulu H-Mod, BOSE A30 & Wireless. A wide variety of accessories are available as addons.

Send in your existing MSA Gallet Flight Helmet for DOI/USFS upgrade and Certification.
Tiger Performance Products is an Authorized Distributor in North America for the MSA Gallet Flight Helmets.

The MSA/Tiger DOI/USFS Certified Helmets are Available Worldwide from Tiger Performance.

Flight Helmet Communications

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