HANS Devices

This collection of HANS performance products includes the HANS Device Helmet Adjustable Series - Professional Series and Sport Series II.

For 2011 the Snell foundation have announced a helmet standard (SAH2010) that allows helmet makers to permanently bond a nut washer inside their helmets. This makes attaching a HANS racing device helmet anchor easier as you simply screw the anchor into the helmet.

As you know from past anchors the point of the post anchor and the tethers of our Quick Click anchors should point rearward after installation. Older helmets with a movable nut washer inside the helmet can orient the HANS device anchor by rotating this inner nut washer.

As this is not possible with the SAH2010 fixed nut washers we have designed a collar system that can be rotated from outside the helmet. These HANS device helmet anchors ship with a small wrench designed to facilitate this feature.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items