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Sonny & Tina Hawkins
Sonny & Tina Hawkins

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We are located in Upstate New York in the Buffalo area. Tiger Performance was established in 1995 as a direct result of renowned Tom Gentry's eventual fatal accident during the Key West Offshore Powerboat Racing World Championships in 1994. This accident led to the development of several patented Survival Breathing Air Systems (SBA), which are now used throughout the world in every form of Aviation, Marine Racing, Commercial, Law Enforcement, & Military. They have been credited with saving many lives and preventing many serious injuries. Since the safety products integrate with Communication Systems, this led to the development of high quality, Military spec communication systems, that are extremely durable and able to withstand the demands of continuous use. Tiger Performance also offers a complete line of waterproof headset/helmet, radio/intercom systems which are offered as OEM equipment by many constructors and used by many Commercial, Law Enforcement and Military operators. These also include Wireless Helmet & Headset Communications. Tiger Performance is a one-stop shop for safety and communications products for the Marine and Aviation markets. The company offers complete radio, electronics and safety products sales and service. For example, we can provide helmet systems completely wired and ready to plug in and use as well as full repair services for everything sold. If you have not purchased from Tiger Performance in the past give us a try, you won't be disappointed.

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Tiger Performance Products is dedicated to providing the very best products available and being a worldwide leader in Safety and Communications worldwide to the Marine and Aviation markets. These products are highly specialized for their intended use and there is no compromise in quality, reliability and performance. Products and services are offered for all forms of Commercial and Military applications including many unique and proprietary products not offered elsewhere. Research and development of new products and improvement of existing products is a continuous process at Tiger Performance.