MSA Gallet LH350 Flight Helmet - Tiger Communications Options

Dual Inner Visors - NVG Anvis Mount Visor Cover.

Passive & Active Noise Reduction (PNR/ANR), Tactical PNR & ANR.

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For MSA Gallet Helmet orders the standard time to ship is 3 to 5 business days if your helmet color and size are in stock. If not in stock, the standard time to ship is 6 to 8 weeks (excluding weekends and holidays).

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Product Options
Communications    * Required
Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Quick Release Adapter
Allows for simple and quick sharing of night vision goggles.
Not selected
Add NVG Quick Release Adapter
[Add $149.00]
Head Size    * Required
Enter your head size in inches or centimeters (i.e, 23.2in, 56cm, etc.). Measure the circumference of your head at the hatband line over largest width area at the back of the head, above the ears & eyebrows.
Head Size 
* Required
Characters left: 100
Color    * Required
Custom colors & graphics are also available.
Bottom Visor    * Required
The bottom visor is located closest to the face.
Top Visor    * Required
The top visor is located furthest from the face.
Helmet Liner    * Required
Adjustable Comfort liner with foam pad set
Upgraded Memory foam liner
[Add $99.00]
Ear Cups    * Required
Impedance    * Required
Not selected
High - Civilian
Low - Military
Cord/Plug Style    * Required
Communication cords are volume control ready. Custom lengths are available.
Detachable Communications Cord
Microphone Boom    * Required
Not selected
1/2 Flex 1/2 Wire
Cobra Microphone
Add Cobra Microphone
[Add $150.00]
Wind Muff
Not Selected
Small (Electret Mics)
[Add $6.00]
Large (Dynamic Mics)
[Add $15.00]
Volume Control
Microphone MK4 Lite with Integrated Battery
The MK4 Lip Lite is the first light developed to incorporate the batteries directly into the light itself, making the overall package lighter as well as removing the need for an exterior battery pack and cumbersome power cable. The MK4 uses one WHITE SPOT and three FLOOD Super Bright GREEN LEDs to light the work area.
Not selected
Add Microphone MK4 Lite with Integrated Battery
[Add $97.00]
Microphone Lite (Helmet Mounted 9V Battery with Velcro Pouch)
Lites are powered by a 9V battery mounted on the helmet in a velcro battery pouch.
Cell Phone/Music Bluetooth Adapter
Listen to music or talk on your cell phone right through your helmet or headset.
CEP or CME Hearing Protection
NOTE: If CME hearing protection is selected a set of ear impressions must be provided from a local hearing aid provider.
CEP/CME Jack Location
If hearing protection was selected indicate where on the helmet to mount the jack (left or right with the helmet on). This option does not apply if hearing protection was not selected.
Not Selected
Left side with helmet on
Right side with helmet on
CME Ear Tip Colors
If CME hearing protection was selected the standard ear tip colors are red and blue. To change this, please enter the colors you desire in the box below. This option does not apply if CME hearing protection was not selected.
Left & Right CME Ear Tip Colors 
Characters left: 100
CME Ear Tip Engraving
Engraving is available for one or both ear tips (maximum of 10 characters per ear tip).
To add engraving, please enter the text you desire in the box below. This option does not apply if CME hearing protection was not selected.
Left & Right Ear Tip Engraving 
[Add $10.00]
Characters left: 100

Data sheet

Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE)MSA Gallet Flight Helmets are qualified in the US Department of Interior ALSE Handbook
Shell ConstructionLightweight Carbon Aramid and Poly Lithium construction
Sizing3 Shell Sizes - Small Shell: 20.3 - 21.5in (52-56cm) ■ Medium Shell : 21.6 - 23in (56-59cm) ■ Large Shell: 23.1 - 25.0in (60-64cm)
Weight (without padding or communications)Small Shell: 1162 Grams, 2Lb. 9oz. ■ Medium Shell: 1191 Grams, 2Lb. 10oz. ■ Large Shell: 1219 Grams, 2Lb. 11oz.
Helmet LinerPre-formed thermoplastic - Fitting, interchangeable interior and trim components of 3 different thicknesses including (4) comfort liner inserts, nape pads and edge rolls. Ear cup spacing achieved with stackable Velcro discs.
Impact DeclarationsMeets or exceeds MIL-DTL-87174/A (USAF)
Penetration PerforationMeets or exceeds MIL-DTL-87174/A (USAF)
VisorsMeets or exceeds EN1836 (1997), optical class 1, MIL-V-43511C, UV protected
Additional Tests Performed and PassedTear test ■ Decompression test ■ Wearing glasses ■ Ejection ramp test ■ Climate test ■ Centrifuge test ■ Fire resistance ■ Protection respiratory ■ Altitude device test

More info

View the MSA Gallet Flight Helmet Brochure.


  • Comfort Liner Kit with 4 interchangeable pads
  • Flexible High Noise Attenuation Ear cups with Gel Ear Seals
  • 3 Shell Sizes
  • 2 Rotating visors
  • Visor color options: smoke, green, yellow, clear
  • Cloth nape pad with stiffener (3 different thicknesses provided)
  • Adjustable leather chin strap (split chin strap also available)
  • Stackable ear cup spacer pad kit (8 pads supplied)
  • Removable leather edge trim
  • NVG Ready
  • Communications ready
  • MSA Premium Canvas Heavy Duty Helmet/Crew Bag
  • Cloth helmet bag with draw string
  • Compact and Low Profile Design
  • Lightweight Carbon Aramid and Poly Lithium construction

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