Tiger Wireless Aviation Helmet PNR Bluetooth Communications


Tiger Performance Products, the world leader in Aviation and Marine Helmet communications launched the world's first fully integrated Wireless PNR Bluetooth Helmet Communications. Tiger has also introduced a complete line of Ultra-light weight Headsets with the same wireless features and functions. The Tiger Wireless communications provide full VOX Intercom functions as well as radio PTT communications all integrated into the helmet, NO DOWN CABLE OR HAND CONTROLLER, enjoy complete freedom of mobility.

Tiger Performance Aviation Helmet Communications outperform any of the competition with more offerings and features at more affordable prices. Rugged construction and components with world class performance and assembled in America.

Communicate with up to 20 or more Tiger wireless headsets or helmets.

The Tiger wireless helmet communications can be retrofitted into any existing helmet.

Add a Tiger Wireless Transceiver to Plug-in On-board Intercom, Radio or any Audio-in Device.

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Shipping Rates

Product Options
Microphone    * Required
Mil Spec Certification is Pending for the Viper Microphone.
Auxuliary Handheld Portable Radio Jack with PTT
[Add $125.00]
Wireless Multi-Function Headset/Helmet Key FOB
[Add $90.00]
Plug-in Non-Wireless Helmet Mounted Jack and Cable
Includes 6” helmet mounted Intercom communication cable pigtail with 10 Pin LEMO jack.

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Helmet Wireless Bluetooth PNR Communications Feature:

  • Environmental: water-rain resistant (IP65)
  • Helmet ear cups: Customized Oregon Aero 1 1/8” Soft seal leatherette/memory foam ear cups with rubber ear cup inserts
  • Tiger High fidelity PNR speakers
  • Speaker foam/grille inserts
  • Integrated Wireless/Bluetooth circuit board (right ear cup)
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (soft pouch on rear outside of helmet)
  • Multi-function on/off/volume control/radio PTT rotary/push button knob
  • Multi-function microphone squelch/microphone PTT knob
  • On board intercom PTT button
  • Mini wireless antenna, concealed inside helmet
  • Charging jack and USB charging cable
  • Multi-function LED and audible alerts

Wireless Helmet Options:

  • Plug in non-wireless feature including 6” helmet mounted Intercom communication cable pigtail with LEMO quick disconnect jack and plug in communication cable with choice of 30” (77cm) U174, dual GA or LEMO straight or coiled cord
  • Portable radio jack & PTT
  • Wireless multi-function headset/helmet key FOB

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