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Tiger EMS/SAR Portable Radio Helmet Mounted Headset Communications with Optional Bluetooth

The Tiger Performance Products portable radio headsets are assembled in-house and include the highest quality components and workmanship which assures years of dependable service.

NOTE: Helmet sold separately from portable radio EMS/SAR headset.

NOTE: Helmet and Portable Radio Plug-in Headset Cables sold separately.

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Product Options
Impedance    * Required
High - Civilian
Low - Military
Premium Viper Microphone    * Required
The World's Best Performing Aviation Microphone. Improve your Communications and situational awareness. Highest speech intelligibility, Highest wind protection with a 3 year warranty.
CEP or CME Hearing Protection
NOTE: If CME hearing protection is selected a set of ear impressions must be provided from a local hearing aid provider. Ear tip colors and/or engraving is available - contact us for more information.
CEP/CME Jack Location
If hearing protection was selected indicate where on the helmet/headset to mount the jack (left or right with the helmet/headset on). This option does not apply if hearing protection was not selected.
Left side with headset on
Right side with headset on
3M Peltor Multi Adjustable Wire Frame Hard Hat Mounts
[Add $38.00]
3M Peltor ARC Rail Mounting Kit, Pair
[Add $75.00]
Ear Seals - Leatherette/Memory Foam
[Add $69.00]
Tiger Plug-in PNR/Bluetooth
[Add $265.00]
Portable Radio Plug-in Headset Cables (Sold Separately)

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Headset for Radio Communication Kit Includes:

  • Waterproof Submersible Design
  • Adjustable Comfort Fit
  • Real Ultra Lightweight Carbon Fiber Ear Cup Assembly with Leatherette/Foam, Gel or Vinyl Foam Ear Seals
  • Waterproof and Shielded mini XLR Portable Radio Cable Jack
  • Waterproof Tiger VIPER 90 degree pivot flex boom microphone, extreme noise and wind cancelling, high impedance (civilian) or VIPER 150 ohm dynamic
  • Waterproof 50mm speakers
  • Ledt or right hand boom mic position
  • Waterproof Radio PTT button
  • Non Corrosive Hardware
  • Waterproof shielded Plug-in Portable Radio Cable, sold separately
  • Exceptional Speech Quality
  • Microphone wind muff
  • Leatherette/Memory Foam Ear Seals
  • Ear Cup Mounts - 3M Peltor Multi Adjustable Wire Frame Hard Hat or Rail Mounts
  • Tiger inline contoured PNR/Bluetooth hand controller with AA batteries, dual volume controls, On/Off button, mobile phone pairing/call button, airplane/music mute slide switch, bluetooth volume control, USB power jack, 3.5mm auxiliary input jack and mini XLR comm cable jack