Honeywell NIOSH Approved RU8500 Half Respirator Filter Mask Kit - Adjustable Headband - P100 Filters & Tiger External Microphone

Honeywell NIOSH Approved RU8500 half respirator mask with soft silicone facepiece and dual sealing flange provides an excellent and comfortable seal. Includes RU8500 speech diaphragm (unmodified) with external microphone. Available in small, medium or large sizes.


  • RU8500 1/2 respirator filter mask with speech diaphragm and adjustable headband
  • P100 filters, pair
  • Tiger external mask microphone assembly
  • Microphone - Amplified electret (high impedance - typical), Uamplified electret (portable radio), Dynamic (low impedance)
  • Tiger Quick Disconnect microphone cord
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Hazard Protection - airborne particulates, chemical, contamination, gas, vapors and smoke
  • Regulations - NIOSH, EN, ASNZS
  • Warranty - one year

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Product Options
Size    * Required
Tiger Respirator Mask Filters
Organic Respirator P100 Cartridge Filter - Pair
Organic Respirator Low Profile P100 Cartridge Filter - Pair (use when the Tiger Maxillo Face Shield is used with the mask)
[Subtract $5.00]
Tiger Respirator Mask Microphone Assemblies    * Required
Microphone Cord    * Required
Helmet Mounted Mask Mic to Boom Mic Toggle Switch Assembly
Plug in Mounted Mask Microphone to Boom Mic Switch Assembly
Mask Options & Accessories
Respirator Mask Storage Bag
[Add $10.00]
Add Tiger Plug in Public Address Voice Amplifier
[Add $150.00]

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The Honeywell NIOSH Approved RU8500 Respirator Filter Mask provides optimal respiratory protection essential varied work environments.

The Tiger External Mask Microphone (Patent Pending) assembly provides clear voice communications and plugs into existing helmet or headset communications. Available for intercom, portable radios or public address voice amplifier communications.

Principles of Operation - Upon inhalation, the air stream flows through the cartridges, which removes contaminants, so the wearer breathes in clean, fresh air.

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