Maxillo Polycarbonite Face Shield Kit

The most effective Helicopter Helmet Face Shield on the market today. Protect your face and communicate much more effectively.

For the MSA Gallet LH050 and LH250 Helmets.

Available in Clear, Dark Tint, Dark Silver Dark Blue Iridium.

Fragmentation protective .125" thick optically clear injection molded polycarbonite Maxillo Face Shield kit - large with quick release hinged latches installed on helmet.

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Product Options
Face Shield Installation
Customer Installed
Tiger Installed
[Add $20.00]
Face Shield Color    * Required
Dark Tint
Dark Silver
[Add $25.00]
Dark Blue Iridium
[Add $25.00]
Installation Drilling Template (Carbon Onyx, Left & Right)
This template is required if customer is installing the face shield.
[Add $30.00]

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  • Provides full field of vision
  • Lightweight
  • Anti fog and scratch coated
  • Hinges open 120 degrees
  • Easy to latch and unlatch on either side
  • Easy to remove
  • Positive locking
  • Protects microphone and face from wind, rotor wash, rain, dust and bird strikes
  • May be used with wire or flexible style microphone booms
  • May also be partially or fully painted
  • Free installation

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