Pyrotect Pro Airflow Marine Open Face Carbon Fiber Helmet with Tiger Communications (for non Tiger mask use)

Pyrotect Pro Airflow carbon fiber open face helmets are designed for increased safety, comfort and quality. The clean aerodynamic design provides superior air circulation throughout the helmet interior. Tiger racing helmet communications provide crystal clear high fidelity, high noise attenuation and high impact protection.

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Head Size    * Required

Enter your head size in inches or centimeters (i.e, 23.2in, 56cm, etc.). Measure the circumference of your head at the hatband line over largest width area at the back of the head, above the ears & eyebrows.

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Volume Control
Helmet Bag
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Gear Pak
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Gear Pak XL
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Gear Pak H&N
[Add $89.00]
Leatherette Dynamic Microphone Muff Cover
[Add $12.00]
Leatherette/Memory Foam Ear Seals - Substitute
[Add $69.00]
Dynamic Microphone Preamplifier - Installed (Required for Tiger Intercom Use)
[Add $95.00]
Helmet Communications
[Add $365.00]
Substitute AP107 Plug
[Add $40.00]
Head and Neck Restraint Posts

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Helmet Features:

  • Ultra Lightweight Carbon Fiber construction
  • Sun Peak - same color as helmet
  • Fire Retardant NOMEX Interior
  • New Headliner Design for improved airflow
  • Removable Headliner and Cheek Pads for cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Hardware and Kevlar Chin Strap
  • M6 Inserts for head and neck restraints
  • Great Aerodynamics
  • SNELL SA2020 Certification
  • Drawstring Helmet Bag
  • Removable Ear Cup Insert Padding for non ear cup applications
  • Optional Protective Maxillo Face shield - removable & hinged
  • Sizes XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL & XXXL

Optional Helmet Communication Features

Helmet Ear Cup Kit Includes:

  • Integrated helmet harness with 3' coiled cord and U174 plug
  • Tiger high impact and sound attenuation rubber ear cups with leatherette, gel or vinyl ear seals
  • 1/8" ear cup cushion space kit
  • Flex microphone boom with integrated dynamic microphone
  • High Fidelity 50mm Speakers

Additional Options

  • Microphone amplifier
  • Substitute AP107 plug
  • Helmet mounted volume control
  • Leatherette/Memory foam ear seals

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