Series 3000 LP2 Emergency Breathing System (EBS) with Low Profile (right hand) Compact Universal Regulator

The Series 3000 Emergency Breathing Systems are lightweight, compact & are specifically designed for emergency bail out breathing for all Aviation, Marine or Land Crew members or land operations near water hazards.

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Yoke Cylinder Fill Adapter - (207 BAR)
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DIN Cylinder Fill Adapter (305 BAR)
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Yoke Compressor Fill Adapter (207 BAR)
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Add Air System Molle Vest Holster for 2.0/2.6 cu. ft. Composite Bottles
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Air System Padded Leg Holster
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View the Video of New Zealand Offshore Dunk Test with Tiger's Survival Breathing Apparatus

The Tiger Emergency Breathing System (EBS) Kits include ultra lightweight and compact assembly components. Features include multi-port 1st stage regulator,  stealth black components, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 or 6.0 cu. ft., 3000 PSI cylinders, mini high pressure gauge,  20 or 36 inch flexible regulator hoses with swivel banjo fitting, flat second stage regulator and optional refill adapter. The universal compact second stage CU2 regulator is designed for universal left or right hand use and is available in Stealth Black with a matching mouthpiece cover.

Tiger Series 3000 SBA System Includes:

  • 3000 PSI/207 BAR carbon wrapped cylinder, 2.0 cu.ft/56.6L air capacity, 17.8cu.inch/.29L water capacity DOT or CE certified cylinder
  • Tiger SBA lightweight, compact aluminum, class II anodized first stage regulator with:
      •     3150 PSI/217 BAR mini pressure gauge
      •     5000 PSI/345 BAR burst disc assembly
      •     20", 27" or 36" (50.8, 68.6 or 91.5cm) black braided flex hose with black plated fittings
      •     Fill port with removeable cap
      •     On/off indicator
      •     Rubber bump cover
  • Tiger LP2 lightweight, low profile (right hand) second stage regulator, with flat hard purge cover
  • Hose retention swivel clip
  • Mouthpiece cover with lanyard
  • Velcro hose retention wrap

Technical Specifications

Cylinder Size, Air Capacity (Expanded Volume)2.0 cu. ft., 56.56L
Cylinder Water Capacity (Floadable Volume)17.8 cu. in., .29L
Length (Cylinder & Regulator)11.875 in., 30.16 cm.
Service Pressure3000 PSI, 207 BAR
Cylinder MaterialAluminum
Flex Hose 90 degree Swivel, Small Diameter27” & 36” - Custom Length Flex Hose Available for all systems
First Stage RegulatorClass II Compact Anodized Aluminum
Second Stage RegulatorCU2 - Compact Universal (left or right hand)
Pressure Gauge3000 PSI, 207 BAR
On /Off KnobRed Off Indicator
Burst Disk Capacity5000 PSI, 345 BAR
System Weight1.95 lb., .88 kg.
Breathing Duration24 Breaths

NOTE: The EBS Series 3000 System Breathing Duration is based on an average breath volume of 1.5 liters, at a breathing rate of 10 breaths per minute at a starting pressure of 3000 PSI.

The Series 3000 System is also available with a Quick Disconnect 360 degree Swivel Male Air Nipple for special applications

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